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Set-Up Instructions for Additional Email Addresses with Identities in Outlook Express

Step #1:  Open Outlook Express

Step #2:  Click on “FILE”

Step #3:  Then click on “IDENTITIES”

Step #4:  Click “ADD NEW IDENTITIES”

Step #5:  Choose an account name your proper name will do and click “OK”

Step #6:  When you are prompted with the question “Do you want to switch to “Your Name” now?” Choose “YES”

Step #7:  Select create a new internet mail account and click “NEXT”

Step #8:  Next you will be asked to enter the Display Name.  This is the name people will see when you send them an email.  You can put anything you like in this box.  You can put your proper name, nickname etc….  Once entered click on “NEXT”.

Step #9:  Next you will be asked for the email address.  This is where you will enter your additional email address.  An example would be  User standing for your username for this email address.  Once entered click on “NEXT”.

Step #10:  At the top of the next box it should say “MY INCOMING MAIL SERVER IS A POP3 SERVER”.  Below there will be two boxes.  The first box is where you enter the incoming mail server, which is  The second box is where you will enter the outgoing mail server which is  Then click “NEXT”.

Step #11:  You will then be asked to enter your account name and password.  Your account name is the beginning of your additional email address.  Just enter your account name without and your password and click “NEXT”.

Step #12:  You should now see the finish screen.  Just click “FINISH” and you are done.

If you do not have Outlook Express installed on your computer you can go to and download it.  You can also try going to  Windows Update will allow you to not only download it but automatically install it.

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