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Set-Up Instructions for Email in Opera

Step #1:  Select "E-mail" on Opera's main menu bar and choose "New account". A dialog box will pop up. In this dialog box, there are five tabs.  In the "E-mail account properties" dialog box, only the first two tabs, "Account" and "Servers" are essential in setting up your account. 

Account name:  This is the nickname of the account, which appears only to you in your email program. (With the Opera emailer you can have multiple accounts, so entering a unique Account name for each one allows you to distinguish between them.)

Full name:  Enter your name as you wish it to appear to those receiving email from you.

E-mail address:  This is simply your full email address. 

Organization:  You may enter the name of the organization, which you belong to, or you may leave this blank. This text will also appear in the mail header to those who receive your mails.

Reply-To:  Think of this address as your "return address". Usually this is the same email address as entered above. When recipients of your emails reply to you, the "Reply-To" address is used. If you type the "Reply-To" address incorrectly, replies to your mail will not reach you.

Step #2:  Click on the "Servers" tab of the E-mail account properties box. Here you need to enter specific mail server information in order to send and receive mail.  Just as in postal mail, email requires two types of mailboxes. Email is sent, received, and stored by computers called "mail servers".  "Incoming" mail is received to your personal mailbox, which is space designated to you on a mail server.  "Outgoing" mail is that which you wish to send out, similar to dropping a hand-written letter into the box at the post office.

Incoming Mail:  Enter designating your POP mail server.

Login:  Enter your Login or User name. Most often this is the part that appears before the @ sign in your email address.  Password Enter your email account password. This will be shown as asterisks (stars) as it is typed, for security reasons.

Outgoing Mail:  Enter designating your SMTP mail server.

Then click “OK” and your Opera Email client is setup.

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