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Optimizing your chances of making a good connection
Several things can be done to optimize your connection through EvenLink.  Remember your connection speed and performance can vary by telephone lines in the area, the equipment you are using, phone lines in your house etc.  The below suggestions will help you get the best possible connection.

Tip #1:  Make certain your phone line is running direct from the wall outlet to the computer.  The line should not be going through a splitter, surge protector, fax machine, answering machine etc.  These items cause additional noise in your line which can either cause disconnects, slow connection speeds or the complete inability to connect.

Most modems have two ports on the back.  One port is for the line in and one to go out to your phone.  If you want to run an answering machine or fax machine run it from the line out to the phone.

If you are worried about your modem getting hit by lightning during a storm your best bet is to always disconnect the line from the computer.  Your surge protector will not protect your computer from a lightning strike.  This also applies to the electrical connection as well as the phone line connections.

Tip #2:  Make sure your phone cord is fairly new and doesn’t run longer than six feet.  The longer the cord the more likely you are to get additional noise in the line.

If a phone cord is worn or has been bent several times, this can also cause noise because of some broken fibers within the line itself.  If you need to purchase a new cord don’t fall for buying the cords, which say they are especially made for computer connections.  In most instances nothing special is really done with these cords.  Any new cord six feet long or less will do fine.

Tip #3:  Make certain you have the latest drivers for your particular brand of modem.  The drivers are the software that actually runs the modem.  Manufacturers come out with updated versions of their drivers all the time.  In most instances these updated drivers are free.

To find out what type and brand of modem you have simply go into your control panel and double click on the modem icon.  If you still aren’t sure what the modem is you can contact your computer’s manufacturer and they may be able to help you out.

Tip #4:  Electrical components such as radios and fluorescent lights can also cause extra noise in your phone line.  Be certain to keep these types of items at a reasonable distance from your computer.

Following the above steps will always give you the best chance at a good connection.  As with any connection to the Internet some items may need more attention than others.

If you require any help or have any questions feel free to call our office.  We can be reached locally at 570-988-1800 in Sunbury or 717-274-3300 in Lebanon or outside the local calling area at 1-866-311-5900.  We can also be reached by email 24 hours a day at

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