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Downloading and Saving files

When downloading a file from our tech site you will be prompted to either save the file to a disk or open the file from it's current location.

Saving the file will allow you to pick the location where the file will be stored.  Remember to save it to a location you know how to get to as when the download is finished you will have to double click on that file to start the installation.

Opening the file from it's current location will automatically start the installation once the file is downloaded.  Some program files are rather large and can take some time to download so unless you are going to sit in front of your computer and wait for the file to finish downloading you would be better suited to save the file to your hard drive first then run the program.

Installing the file once you have downloaded the file installation can be tricky if you do not read all the steps.  Follow the instructions step by step and you should have no problems with any of the software.

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