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Why won't my password save in my connection?
Click on start, then settings, then control panel.  Now click on network.  Look to see if you have Client for Microsoft Networks installed under the heading of "The following network components are installed".  If not, install it by clicking on "Add", then "Client", then "Add" again.  Now select "Microsoft" on the left and "Client for Microsoft Networks" on the right.  Say "OK" until you get back to the Network screen.  That should put it in along with the rest of the protocols under the heading "The following network components are installed".

If you already have "Client for Microsoft Networks" installed, then you need to do the following to fix your problem:  Click on Start, then Shut Down.  Now select the option that says "Restart Windows and log on as a new user" (or something to that affect).  If asked for a user name and password when Windows restarts; put in your user ID for the user name but don't bother with a password.  This is not talking about your password to get onto the Internet, rather a password to get into Windows.  Don't put a password in; just say Ok.  When prompted to confirm the password, say OK again.  If you read the little tip message on the screen at this point you will see what I mean.  DON'T SAY CANCEL TO THESE QUESTIONS. That will mess you up.

Now connect to EvenLink and you will notice the password option is available.

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