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Instructions on using FTP to add/remove files on your website

  With File Transfer Protocol (FTP) you can easily send/update your files (web pages, images, sounds, etc.) over the internet.  To do this you will need an FTP Client Software such as WS-FTP or Cute FTP.

To utilize your space you must first have it set up by our webmaster.  Simply send an email to and request that your space be activated.

Step #1:  When you click on Connect, the Session Profile window will show up, then enter the following:
On Profile Name:
On Host Name:
On Host Type: Auto detect
On User ID: Your username
On Password: Your password

Click on OK and it should log into your webspace.

Step #2:  A two-window screen will open, on the left hand side it will list as local system.  The local system is your computer.  The right hand window will be named the remote system.  This is our web server.  Your will see two arrows in the middle of the two screens, one pointing to the right the other pointing to the left.  In simple terms just highlight a file in either window and click the arrow to move the file to the system you want it to be on.

Step #3:  When you are finished transferring files simply click exit.

Helpful Tips

Tip #1:  To have your webspace be visible by others you will need to have one the files named either index.htm or index.html.  Make sure you make it one or the other.  If you have both files listed and one ends in htm and the other in html your site may not be visible.

Tip #2:  Make certain that all of your files are uploaded as well as the index file.  If you do not upload all of your pertinent files your site may not work properly.

If you require any help or have any questions feel free to call our office.  We can be reached locally at 570-988-1800 in Sunbury or 717-274-3300 in Lebanon or outside the local calling area at 1-866-311-5900.  We can also be reached by email 24 hours a day at

Copying in part or whole without the express written permission of EvenLink is strictly prohibited.
Please send mail to for more information.