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Welcome to EvenLink Digital Phone Services!
We thank you for being our customer as we take pride in providing superior and reliable Digital Phone services to our customers.

This support page should answer any questions you may have regarding Digital Phone service, including how it works, installation instructions, and how to use some of the main features.

For information on additional features and options available, please go to your online Account Portal or call the support phone number at the bottom of this page.
 Contents of Digital Phone Service User Guide
 What is Digital Phone Service?
Digital Phone service allows you to make and receive calls through your broadband Internet connection using a standard touch tone phone.

Your EvenLink Digital Phone service works with any touch tone, corded or cordless telephone. Our adapter (ATA) converts your phone calls into a data stream that is sent through your high-speed Internet connection. You can call anywhere at anytime for less, and your phone number can go everywhere you do!
 Making Calls with Digital Phone Service
You can make calls by dialing the number on your phone, as you always have.

For calls within your area code, you may dial 7, 10 or 11 digits.
Example: 555-1212, 555-555-1212 or 1-555-555-1212

When dialing outside you area code, you may use 10 or 11 digits.
Example: 555-555-1212 or 1-555-555-1212

For international calls, you would dial just as you would with a standard analog telephone.
(International Access Code + Country Code + City Code + Number)
Example: 011 + 39 (Italy) +81 (Naples) +Number

To receive a call simply pick up your phone’s handset like you always have.
 Important 911 Information
While the 911 system through Digital Phone services will work very similarly to your standard analog telephone, there are a few important differences you need to be aware of.

Digital Phone service 911 must be activated through your online Account Portal.
Until you login to the portal and enter your physical address, our system will not know where your device and phone are being used.

Each time you move, you will need to update your information on the Account Portal.
It may take a few days to activate and change your 911 feature, so please think ahead when moving the location of your digital telephone.

Electrical or Broadband Outages can prevent 911 dialing with our system.
As your phone service is relying on both your broadband connection and electrical power, if these go out, so will your Digital Phone service. Once the power and broadband connection returns, your system will function properly again.

Important: Additional 911 information is available on the Account Portal for you to read and reference. Please be safe and read all material related to this issue.
 Installing Your Device
 Before You Begin
Before installing your new Digital Phone Adapter with Router, be sure your package arrived with all of the contents listed below.
Package Contents
If you are missing any of these pieces, please contact Support at the contact number listed at the bottom of this page.
Also make sure you have the following:
      • An active Internet connection
      • A cable/DSL modem
      • One computer for configuring of the Phone Adapter
      • An analog Telephone
 Connect the Phone Adaptor
1. Power off your network devices, including your modem and PC.

2. Connect one end of an RJ-11 phone cable to the Phone Adapter’s PHONE 1 port. Connect the other end to your analog telephone.

IMPORTANT: Do not connect the PHONE port to a telephone wall jack. Make sure you only connect a telephone or fax machine to the PHONE port. Otherwise the Phone Adaptor or the telephone wiring in your home or office may be damaged.

3. Repeat Step 2 with the Phone 2 port if you have an additional telephone or fax machine to connect.

4. Connect one end of an Ethernet network cable (included) to the Ethernet port of the Phone Adapter. Connect the other end to the Ethernet port of your PC.

5. Connect one end of a different Ethernet network cable to the Internet port of the Phone Adapter. Connect the other end to your Cable/DSL modem.

6. Power on the cable/DSL modem.

7. Connect the included power adaptor to the Phone Adapter’s power port and then plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. The power LED on the front panel will light up when the Phone Adapter powers on.

8. Power on your PC.
 Using the Account Portal System
1. Open your web browser and point it to

2. Your Username is the email address you used when registering with EvenLink

3. Your Password was sent to you in an email confirmation

4. Click Login
 How to Change Your Password
You can use the Account Portal to configure all of your Digital Phone service features. To change your password, do the following:

1. Click on the Change Password tab. Your new password must be 4-12 nonblank characters and contain atleast one number.

2. Enter your old password, enter your new password, confirm your new password, and click Submit.
 How to Access Voicemail
 Accessing the Voicemail System for the First Time
1. From your own phone, dial your phone number

2. The default pass code is 0000

3. Enter a new pass code at the voicemail prompt

4. Re-enter the same new pass code at the prompt

5. If your new pass code is accepted, you will hear “your password has been changed successfully”

6. Press the # key

Once in the system, you will hear “Welcome to your Voice Messaging System. If you are not calling from your home phone press the * key.”

Helpful Hint: To eliminate the need to dial your own phone number when accessing your voicemail, please refer to the Speed Dial instructions on page 19. You can set your own phone number as a speed dial code.
 Accessing Voicemail while at Home or Away
1. From your own phone, dial your phone number

2. Enter your pass code at the prompt

3. From a different phone, dial your phone number

4. Press * to access your voicemail, once your recording picks up

5. Enter your pass code
 Voicemail Main Menu
• To listen to your messages, press 1

• To change your mailbox busy greeting, press 2

• To change your mailbox no answer greeting, press 3

• To compose and send a new message, press 5

• To delete all messages, press 7

• To go to the CommPilot Voice Portal press the * key

• To repeat this menu, press the # key
 While Listening to the Messages Menu
• To save this message, press the # key

• To erase this message, press 7

• To repeat this message, press 2

 • To go back to the previous message, press 4

• To play the message envelope, press 5

• To go to the next message, press 6

• For additional options, press 9

• To go back to the previous menu, press the # key
 CommPilot Voice Portal Menu
• To access your voicemail box, press 1

• To record your name, press 3

• To change your call forwarding options, press 4

• To make a call, press 6

• To change your pass code, press 8

• To exit the CommPilot Voice Portal, press 9

• To repeat this menu, press the # key
 Features Overview
1. On the Home page of the Account Portal, you will see the Features Configuration button where you can choose the features like Call Forward, Simultaneous Ring, etc.

2. Below is a list of our top features:

The following pages contain instructions for configuring these listed features. Also refer to the online Account Portal for support and information about additional features and options.
 Anonymous Call Rejection (*77)
Use this feature to prevent or allow calls from callers who have blocked their phone numbers from being identified. Blocked callers hear a message notifying them that their calls are being rejected.

You can activate this service at any time and configure it from your Account Portal.
Steps Details
Turn Anonymous Call Rejection on or off
Click “On” or “Off.” When on, Anonymous Call Rejection prevents calls from callers who have chosen to block the identification of their phone numbers. These callers hear an automated message that their call is being denied because of the block. The default for this service is “Off.”
Save your changes
Click Apply to save your changes.
 Call Forwarding Always (*72)
Use this feature to activate and edit the options for the Call Forwarding Always (CFA) service.

The Call Forwarding Always service allows you to redirect your incoming phone calls to another number, such as a mobile phone or administrative assistant. Variations of Call Forwarding include Call Forwarding No Answer and Call Forwarding Busy. Unlike those services, Call Forwarding Always redirects all of your calls, not just those received when you do not answer or when you are talking on your phone.
 From Your Voicemail
Call Forwarding Always can be activated and its options can be changed using your voicemail. To do this dial * 72, followed by the phone number to which you wish your calls to be redirected. Your calls remain forwarded until you dial the deactivation code.
 From Your Account Portal
Call Forwarding Always can also be activated or its options can be changed using your Account Portal.
Steps Details
Turn Call Forwarding Always on or off
Click “On” or “Off”. When on, Call Forwarding Always forwards all your incoming calls to the phone number you entered in the Calls Forward to text box.
Confirm or enter the phone number
If the phone number indicated is the number to which you want all of your calls forwarded, no action is necessary. You can enter feature access codes * and speed codes in addition to phone numbers and extensions. To edit or delete a phone number, click and drag your mouse pointer over the information in the text box. Press the DELETE key on your keyboard to empty the text box of its contents or simply begin typing to enter new information, the new phone number in a valid format (no dashes, parentheses, or spaces are necessary). To forward to a long distance number, it must be preceded by a “+” and a country code. If you type an invalid phone number, you are prompted to retype it. This is required information when the service is on.
Select whether to play a ring reminder
The “Play Ring Reminder when a call is forwarded” check box causes the service to play a short ring burst at your home/office phone when a call is forwarded. No ring reminder is played if this box is not checked.
Save your changes
Click Apply to save your changes.
 Call Waiting
Use this feature to turn the Call Waiting service on or off. This service allows you to decide whether phone calls in progress can be interrupted by other calls. NOTE: This service is not available with all access device types.
 From Your Account Portal
Call Waiting can be activated or its options can be changed using your Account Portal.
Steps Details
Turn Call Waiting on or off
Click “On” or “Off”. When this service is on and you receive a call while another call is already in progress, you will hear a beep. You can put the first call on hold to answer the incoming call. When this service is turned off, the caller hears a busy tone. The default for this service is “On”.
Save your changes
Click Apply to save your changes.
 Do Not Disturb (*78) To Cancel (*79)
Use this feature to prevent your phone from ringing. Callers are sent to Voicemail or another specified location, such as a number indicated by the Call Forwarding Busy service.
 From Your Voicemail
The Do Not Disturb service can be activated or options can be changed using your voicemail. To do this, dial *78.
 From Your Account Portal
Do Not Disturb can also be activated or its options can be changed using your account portal.
Steps Details
Turn the service on or off
Click “On” or “Off”. When on, Do Not Disturb prevents your phone from ringing and callers are given busy treatment (such as being sent to Voice Messaging, if available, or forwarded to the specified number of the Call Forwarding Busy service, if available). The default for this service is “Off.”
Select whether to play a ring reminder
The “Play Ring Reminder when a call is blocked” check box causes the service to play a short ring burst if checked. No ring reminder is played if not checked. A ring reminder is played if this service blocks a call while this check box is checked. The ring reminder is a short ringing burst, 500 milliseconds in duration.
Save your changes
Click Apply to save your changes.
 Speed Dial (*74)
Use this feature to program numbers for Speed Dial. This service allows you to associate single digit codes to frequently dialed or hard to remember phone numbers. You can dial a speed dial code instead of the full number to place calls. To use speed dial from your phone, dial the speed dial code number, then #.

For example, to call the number associated with Speed Dial Code 6, dial 6#.

From your phone, speed Dial can also be programmed by dialing *74.

For example, *74 3 859551212 programs Speed Dial Code 3 to dial 859-555-1212.
Steps Details
Enter a phone number
Type a complete phone number, including a country code, if necessary for dialing on your system.
Enter a name
Type a name or description for the speed dial code. This name does not affect the operation of the speed dial code. It is just a convenience to help you remember why the speed dial code was programmed. If a speed dial code is programmed using *74, then the “Name” text box is blank.
Save your changes
Click Apply to save your changes.
 Three-Way Call
Use this feature to create a Three-Way Call. When this service is assigned, you can place a three-way call using the flash-based services.
Steps Details
While engaged on call
Press Flash hook on phone. The initial call is held.
Enter phone number
Enter complete phone number or extension of third party. You can press # to signal the end of the phone number or extension.
Press flash hook
When this third party is connected, press flash hook again. All parties will then be connected in three-way call.
Press flash hook
To drop the third party, press the flash hook again.
Hang up
If either of the two parties hangs up, your call with the remaining party is intact. If you hang up, the other two parties remain connected.
 Voicemail Management
Voicemail Management allows you to specify how to handle your voice messages. You can retrieve voice messages by using your phone or you can choose to send messages directly to your e-mail (not using the phone).
Steps Details
Turn your Voice Messaging service on or off
Click “On” or “Off”.
Indicate how you want to use the voice messaging service in the “When a voice message arrives...” section
If you want to retrieve voice messages using your phone and your e-mail account, select Use unified messaging.

When using unified messaging, you can check the “Use Phone Message Waiting Indicator” box. This option provides a stuttered dial tone (and blinking light on some phones) to inform you when you have messages waiting.

If you always listen to your voice messages using your e-mail account and do not use the phone retrieval option, select “Forward it to this e-mail address:” and provide the e-mail address where you want your voice messages to be sent.
Indicate whether you want to be notified by e-mail of new messages
If a check mark appears in the “Notify me by e-mail of the new voice message at this address:” box, a short e-mail message informing you about the new caller and date/time of the message is sent. In the text box, type the e-mail address where you want these notifications to be sent.
Indicate if you want a carbon copy of your messages
If you want a carbon copy of your messages to be sent to another e-mail address, check the “E-mail a carbon copy of the voice message to:” box and provide the e-mail address where you want the copy to be sent.
Indicate whether callers have the option to transfer to another number instead of leaving a voice message
If a check mark appears in the “Transfer on ‘0’ to Phone Number:” box, callers can press 0 during your outgoing voice message and be transferred to another number, such as a mobile phone or Auto Attendant. If a caller presses 0 while recording a message, the recording is aborted, no message is left and the caller is transferred.
Save your changes
Click Apply to save your changes.
 * Other Feature Access Codes
*72 Call Forwarding Always Activation

*73 Call Forwarding Always Deactivation

*90 Call Forwarding Busy Activation

*91 Call Forwarding Busy Deactivation

*92 Call Forwarding No Answer Activation

*93 Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation

*67 Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call

*65 Calling Line ID Delivery per Call

*69 Call Return

*70 Cancel Call Waiting

*22 Flash Call Hold

*66 Last Number Redial
 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Do I need to have my computer turned on when I talk on the phone?
Your computer does not need to be turned on when using EvenLink's Digital Phone service.
Do the people I call need a computer?
No, they only need a working phone. They will not be aware that you are using EvenLink Digital Phone service, unless you tell them.
Must I speak through a computer to use Digital Phone service?
No, you speak through an ordinary touch-tone telephone connected to your EvenLink provided adapter. (Note: A Soft Phone client software package is available that, once installed and executed, allows you to make calls through your computer using a microphone and speakers.)
Does the person I am calling need to have EvenLink’s Digital Phone service too?
No. You can call anyone at any phone number using EvenLink’s service.
What types of telephones work with your service?
Virtually any touch tone telephone can be used with EvenLink’s Digital Phone service. Corded and cordless telephones both work well.
Can I use a fax machine with EvenLink’s service?
Though EvenLink customers have experienced high success in placing and receiving fax transmissions, however EvenLink has not yet certified support for fax usage.
Can I still use the Internet while making calls?
Yes. Your computer and EvenLink services can share an Internet connection.
Can I use your service with my home alarm system or personal emergency response services company?
You may connect any telephone communication device to your EvenLink’s adaptor. However, EvenLink recommends that you keep a traditional phone line for a home or personal emergency response device. Remember, the EvenLink service depends upon your broadband Internet connection and electric power. If your Internet connection goes down or if power is not available, you will not be able to make or receive calls, nor will your alarm system. Please consult with a qualified alarm system technician before connecting your alarm system to a EvenLink Digital Phone line.
How is dialing 911 using EvenLink Digital Phone different from dialing 911 on a regular land line?
EvenLink routes your call to your local emergency response center over the traditional 911 network determined by the physical address you supplied when you activated 911. If we do not have the correct address, your call cannot be routed to the corresponding emergency response center for your area. You will also need to state the nature of your emergency promptly and clearly, which may include providing your location and telephone number, as the local emergency response center personnel may not be able to see the information EvenLink sends along with your call. In the event traditional 911 methods are unavailable or fail, SinglePipe sends your 911 call to national emergency response center. Trained emergency response agents will then route the call to local authorities.
Which VOIP codecs are currently supported by EvenLink?
EvenLink currently supports the G711 (80k) and the G729 (32k).
 Contact Information
Physical Addresses
Two convenient locations to stop by and pay your bill or to ask questions about our services!
EvenLink (Sunbury)
650 Champ Avenue
Sunbury, PA 17801
Local Phone: 570-988-1800
EvenLink (Lebanon)
38 South 8th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042
Local Phone: 717-274-3300
Payment Mailing Address

Please mail all payments to our Sunbury PO Box:

PO Box 170
Sunbury, PA 17801
Telephone Support
Call us toll free at 1-866-311-5900
Available Monday - Saturday 7:30am to 9pm and Sunday 1pm to 5pm
Customer Service
To contact our customer service department, send an E-mail to or call us at one of our local numbers.
To contact our billing department, send and E-mail to or call us at one of our local numbers.
Technical Support
To contact our technical support representatives, send an E-mail to or call us at one of our local numbers.
To contact our sales department regarding residential and commercial Internet service, and services, website hosting, or creating a website for your existing business, send an E-mail to
Website Inquires
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Our customer care center in Sunbury is open from:
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Our Lebanon office is open from:
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Phone Tech and Billing Support is available from:
Monday - Saturday 7:30am to 9pm
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