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Plus Accelerator enables Internet users to deliver data services over their existing dial-up and wireless networks at up to 7 times the normal speed.
$3.95/monthy - First 30 days FREE - Special - Buy 6 months at regular price get 6 months free!
7x the speed when downloading and viewing pages - Blocks Pop-Up ads - Increases the speed of incoming and outgoing email - Ability to change the level of picture resolution - No special equipment -No cable or additional phone lines - No special numbers to connect through
Using a patented proprietary data compression technology, Web Accelerator is able to increase the capacity of existing network infrastructure by significantly reducing bandwidth consumption.
System Overview
Web Accelerator Server retrieves data from the requested external web server using a high-speed Internet connection, then compresses and optimizes the content for the last mile trip. The Accelerator Server optimizes the traffic over the HTTP, POP3 and SMTP protocols.
Plus Accelerator
What is accelerated?
What is not accelerated?
Web pages - HTML markup and JavaScript
Streaming media, audio and video files
Graphics including JPEG and GIF images
Secure pages - online banking and credit card forms
E-mail on the Web
Files and attachments such as music or digital photos
Most often, the Accelerator Server is located at the service provider's location, but with extensive testing it has been determined that even when Accelerator Servers are located in remote areas, great improvements in performance are still possible. This allows users to achieve dramatic acceleration even when they are not dialed into their own ISP locally.
The Web Accelerator platform is comprised of two components: a scalable, high-performance, configurable content acceleration server and a lightweight client software application.
These two components communicate over an accelerated bandwidth channel, resulting in significant performance gains and bandwidth requirement reduction.
With Plus Accelerator you can surf up to 7x faster! Call today to sign up!

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